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IRAN Corporate Travel Management (CTM)

Corporate Travel Managment

Undoubtedly, a business trip to a foreign country will not have enough feedbacks if it is without a business help guide. Our CTM services are very flexible, We have been consultanting and hosting for individuals and businesses active in the field of oil and energy for many years. Our CTM services not only include travel and accommodation services but also its main feature is that we know the Iranian business and foreign partners that are needed by foreign companies better than they are. Our program includes three parts before, during and after the trip And during the implementation of the program, we will continually give you advice, We will prepare a focused and targeted list of your contacts, In the meetings, we will record the presentations at the meeting And we are investigating and verifying them. In the background of this service, a set of services has been designed to ensure your satisfaction with the period of residence in Iran so that your mind is only concerned with your business issues.

Before travel to iran:

During staying in iran:

After travel to iran:


For the convenience of our customers, a package of CTM services is provided below that you can choose your ideal package based on your needs and the budget you have chosen.
But if this package does not cover all your needs, then you can send us a checklist or RFP of your needs in order to know exactly the details of our services and the schedules and budget required, according to your needs.



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