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IRAN Approved Vendor list Registration Services

Vendor Registration

IRAN PETRO PARTNER is the only company in Iran that provides executive consultation services for registration of local and foreign companies in AVLs of Iranian main purchasers in petroleum, energy and steel companies. Considering the number of AVLs in Iranian oil and gas industries and the differences between their procedure for registration and bureaucratic processes, companies will need consultation of an experienced team with related resume to save time and energy and resources for registering their products or services in these AVLs. Executive consultation department of IRAN PETRO PARTNER Group consists of experts familiar with bureaucratic procedures, evaluation processes and people in charge in AVL owner companies.


IRAN PETRO PARTNER has the honor of consulting local companies such as Atraban Soorin for fire alarms and CCTV systems, FavaMouj ITC for explosion proof equipment, Teiph Saypa Paint and Resin industrial co. for industrial paint and resin, Arkarad Tejarat co. for industrial laboratory equipment ,Pooyegan Energy Baran for air coolers, Vahang Saran company as an EPC contractor, Poshtibani Sanaye for switchgear panels and Petunia company for electrical and cathodic protection. Also our foreign clients include: Spiro Gills Thermal Products Ltd. for air coolers and finned tubes, Nittan for fire alarms, Zenitle Group for intercom equipment, SCAME electrical solution for electrical and explosion proof equipment, DKM co. for industrial valves, Hyundai Heavy industries for lift trucks, Jalo Helsinki for fire alarm systems and CP Plus for CCTV equipment.

Identification of requirements

IRAN PETRO PARTNER is pleased to present this proposal for providing executive consultation for registration of clients in AVLs. We hope to have a successful and useful contribution in presentation of your company in petroleum, energy, mining and steel industries of Iran. In first step, we introduce most basic needs of your company for vendor list registration and how to answer these needs. After that, we mention most important issues and obligations of our contract. After that we give you some advantages of our proposal and at last part of this proposal you can find our schedule, financial and payment terms and conditions.


This is a general proposal for all clients. Our first step (after primary negotiations and before signing a contract) is to propose and select proper purchasers that fit your products or services and your intended budget.

Client needs


These objectives are required to satisfy client needs:



IRAN PETRO PARTNER provides these solutions to meet mentioned objectives:



For a better understanding of these objectives and solutions, IRAN PETRO PARTNER presents a brief scope of work:


Note: Beside companies with AVLs, in this step we give client a list of potential customers of its products or services.






Features of this proposal:

General Advantages

Team Qualifications

Specific methodology

Our methodology contains three critical steps which may continue through the whole process.

These steps are listed below:


In order to get commercial results, IRAN PETRO PARTNER provides several analyses to make better decisions and design better methods.





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