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Company Registration In IRAN

Company Registration In IRAN



According to our team's knowledge of the rules, conditions, requirements and procedures of registration of companies in Iran, we are  ready to consult you to decide  type of company you can register  and help you in preparation of documents and registration of the company in Iran  

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A wide type of legal arrangements is also used to persevere business activity in Islamic Republic of Iran. a number of the more usually used arrangements are corporations, limited partnerships, partnerships, co-ownerships, joint stock company and limited liability companies.

The selection of the acceptable form of business organization can rely in every case upon the circumstances of the investor, the nature of the activity to be conducted, the strategy of finance, taxation ramifications and also the potential liabilities associated with the activity.

Usually, when a foreign entity considering carrying on business in Iran one of problems faced by is whether or not to conduct the business directly in Iran as associate Iranian branch of its principal business, or to form a separate Iranian entity to carry on the business. we will offer you with the required info to establish the foremost appropriate type of business in Iran. consider the subsequent info for establishing an organization Iran

100% Ownership

Foreign investors will currently establish their company with 100% ownership of the shares and management of their business. this will be an benefits to some of the businesses willing to be more concerned within the Iranian market providing them with more security and stability as a foreign investors. There are two sorts of companies which might be registered for foreign investment opportunities:

Limited Liability Company

When two or more persons for the purpose of trading formed a company, it called limited liability company. Liability relies upon the direct contributions of the partners to the partnership and not by share subscription. The formation of a limited liability partnership is deemed to own taken place once the capital in money has been absolutely contributed and once non-cash contributions are assessed and delivered. The name of the corporate should embrace the phrase “limited liability” otherwise underneath the law the corporate are thought-about as a general partnership.

Joint Stock Company

When as an organization whose capital is split into shares and also the liability of whose shareholders is limited to the par value of their shares defined as the Joint Stock Company by the law. the Joint Stock Company may be either a private company or a public company . The main distinction between the two is that the general public company might supply its shares and debt securities to the general public whereas the private company might not. The shareholders of a joint stock company participate within the ownership, profit and losses, and distribution of assets in liquidation, in proportion to the shares command. As indicated higher than, the liability of every investor is limited to the value of his shares and within the absence of fraud or different deceptive practices; there ought to be no recourse to shareholders for the liabilities of the corporate.



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