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Find Your Business Partner In Iran

Find Business Partner In Iran

Searching for ideal business partners in Iran can be a time-intensive and challenging experience, mainly due to the geographic distance from Europe, but also to the sheer size of the Iran market, language barriers, differences in time zones, and in business cultures.

IPP offers an efficient and practical solution to help companies successfully establish their business activities in Iran through a targeted partner search. An individual business partner search features both research and critical evaluation of sales and distribution partners.

Contact to potential partners takes place via our knowledgeable interdisciplinary project team who communicates directly with decision-makers at Iran companies.

Our partner search service includes the following main elements:


There are many ways to exploit Iran markets such as :

Joint Venture (JV)

Joint venture (JV) agreement is a business arrangement during which 2 or additional parties comply with pool their resources for the aim of accomplishing a particular task. This task may be a brand new project or the other enterprise. During a joint venture (JV), every of the participants is liable for profits, losses and prices related to it. However, the venture is its own entity, separate and aside from the participants' alternative business interests.



This is a resourceful way to utilize the resources and property of the licensee in a foreign country and derive financial benefits. In such an agreement, a company, known as a licensor, grants rights to use the name and emblem of the company, and in some cases technical help additionally, to the licensee in a foreign country. The licensee reciprocally pays a royalty for the rights to use the intangible property of the licensor. This arrangement is very useful to the licensor as he needs to make little investment and he will expect a very high ROA. however production and marketing is left entirely to the licensee which implies that potential earnings from these activities is also lost for the licensor.



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